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Colven Group has achieved very substantial growth in a heavily traded industry plagued by “fly by night” operators with big promises and not much action. To achieve this growth we had to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

The starting point of Colven Group’s determination to differentiate ourselves was to decide that if we could offer service excellence to our clients and package this service excellence together with a competitive pricing structure, effective operations and administrative systems as well as solid business morals, we could achieve the differentiation from our competitors we sought. This determination was clearly shown in the Vision and Mission statement adopted by Colven Group:


To become the preferred supplier of staffing solutions across a broad spectrum of industries in Southern Africa.


To attain and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and reliability, whilst retaining a flexible and personal approach to clients and their requirements through dynamic structures and decision making processes.

The above vision and mission statements were put in place with the following strategies being considered as top priority:

  • Effective, transparent communication, not only with our clients, but also within our organisation;
  • Empower staff through training and sharing of knowledge;
  • Establish clearly defined job descriptions and levels of accountability;
  • Standardise policies and procedures across all operations;
  • Monitor and enforce procedures to “get it right first time”;
  • Establish a culture of under-promising and over-delivering in respect of client and company relationships;
  • Deliver a service that is not only cost-effective to our clients, but eminently fair to our employees.

The results Colven Group has achieved have proven the wisdom of this standpoint. Colven Group is now an international group with complete coverage of Southern Africa and one of the few labour outsourcing companies with branches in all main centres of South Africa.

Colven Group will not employ or support any practice aimed at prejudicing vulnerable employees, not only on the grounds of common humanity, but also on the grounds that our clients will not, in the long run, benefit from dubious practices.

Colven Group achieves differentiation in the following ways:

  • We make the interests of our workers as well as those of our clients our concern. Not only do we strive to serve our clients but we take responsibility for ensuring that our workers are not subjected to any unfair labour practice at any time.
  • Workers are paid by EFT directly into their bank accounts, which we will assist in opening should the worker be unbanked, thus not only ensuring a more secure environment for the worker but eliminating the need for time wasting cash “pay parades”.
  • There is no minimum charges for clients, who are charged only for hours actually worked.
  • Pricing is specifically tailored for each client individually so as to ensure that charges are specific to the industry and the client requirements.
  • We are prepared to “put our money where our mouth is” by requesting only a 30 day notice period on any client contract instead of the time specific contracts used by most labour outsourcing companies in Southern Africa.
  • We are registered with all relevant statutory bodies and bargaining councils and adhere strictly to sectoral determinations and industry norms.
  • Locally sourced labour is where possible used in all areas.

It is intended that Colven Group will remain a highly focused group aimed at providing maximum service in the recruitment, supply and management of labour at rates cost-effective to the client, while maintaining a reasonable wage and benefit package for the worker, as well as complying fully with legislated and expected standards in respect of skills development and employment equity.