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Key Benefits

The key benefits arising from the use of a labour outsourcing company to the client are:

  • Sourcing of the required workers with the required skill-sets;
  • Control being retained by the client over workers as regards daily duties, dress code and general behaviour;
  • Removal from the client of the burden of non-revenue generating activities such as payroll administration and management, including the related cost of managing activities such as pension, provident fund, sick leave and other payroll administration functions;
  • Removal from the client of the burden of human resources and industrial relations, particularly as regards the correct management of the disciplinary process, together with the management of issues going before the CCMA, Labour Court and allied institutions;
  • Ensuring that the commitments of the client to employment equity, use of local labour, community relations and related matters are properly maintained;
  • Enabling the registration, particularly for workman’s injury compensation and unemployment benefits, of the workers contained in the pool of ‘casuals’, used by many companies on a regular basis, with the advantage of drawing these workers into the mainstream of formal employment, together with formal banking and other benefits.